Registration Information

Adult Registration Fees

Adults (18+ years)

Early-bird | $199
Through March 31

Regular | $225
April 1 – June 6

Late/On-site | $300
June 7 and forward

Youth Registration Fees

Youth (6-17 years)

Early-bird | $150
Through March 31

Regular | $175
April 1 – June 6

Late/On-site | $250
June 7 and forward

About the Registration Fees

As many of you will no doubt see, the registration fees have gone up this year. This is a direct reflection of the increase in prices we are seeing from hotels, audio video companies, and other service providers.  Some people speculate that the increase is because of inflation, some say it is their way of making up for lost revenue during the pandemic, and some say it is a little of both. Either way, we know that for some of you, this will create a financial burden.  The “A” Team (local hosts) and GVF staff have done a wonderful job of negotiating prices to help keep the expenses down.

The cost of the meeting is highly subsidized by GVF through our sponsors and supporters. The estimated cost for one attendee is approximately  $385-$465 depending on the total number of attendees.  We are working hard to keep this meeting affordable now and in the future. We look forward to seeing you all in Atlanta!

About the historical data

We reached out to the former chairs and obtained as much information as possible. Where there were multiple options for a given category we averaged the costs. For transportation to and from the various hotels and airports, we assumed a price of $35 each way. This is a fair average for most large cities. We have tried to present the information in the most factual and practical way possible. Actual experience may vary from person to person.

Historical WVD USA Information
LocationEst. AttendanceFeeHotel (2 nights)Shuttle/CabApproximate total to attend
Atlanta, GA
255$199$390MARTA – $12$601
Bloomington, MN
192$175$218Free Shuttle$393
Houston, TX
Boston, MA
300$125$290Free Shuttle$415
Detroit, MI
Washington, D.C.